Water Heater Installation & Repairs

Water Heater

Whether you need a water heater for your newly constructed home, a replacement heater for an old model, or repairs to get the hot water flowing again, Langara Mechanical has experienced licensed technicians to get the job done, fast.

We offer installation on the latest energy-efficient heater models including gas, electric and tankless varieties. We offer special financing to fit your budget and project so you can enjoy hot water as soon as possible. Our trained and qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency repairs to keep your home or business’ hot water flowing.

What Size Of Water Heater Do I Need?

Hot water tanks come in various sizes, and the best way to determine the correct size for your home or business is to consult an expert at Langara Mechanical. The water heater size you need depends on your home or office building’s overall square footage,household members, and daily hot water usage.

If you want to install or replace your water heater, call an experienced professional at Langara Mechanical. We can help you determine the perfect home water heater for your current and future needs.

What is the Cost of a Water Heater Installation?

The installation cost depends on the heater’s size, whether the heater is gas or electric, the heater’s energy efficiency, code upgrades and the replacement complexity.

The installation process consists of delivering the new unit, disconnection of the old unit, installation of the new unit, and proper testing to ensure it is working correctly.

Book an appointment with a qualified professional from Langara Mechanical to request an estimate of your water heater installation cost.

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Common Water Heater Issues That Need Repairs

Water heaters are made from durable materials, but they can develop issues that can affect the water temperature, quality, and overall function. Some of the most common water heater issues include:

  • Outdated Model

Water heaters over 10 years old should be replaced or evaluated by professionals to ensure they are functioning optimally and safely. If you don’t know your water heater’s age, check the serial number and contact the manufacturer or call us and we will find out for you!

  • Poor Water Quality

If there is rust or debris in the water, it can affect the heating element and the pressure valves. You may notice that your water is discoloured or not achieving the same temperature as it used to. You can test the heater’s water quality by draining three buckets of water out and refilling the tank. If the water remains murky, the problem is either the tank or the pipes and requires repairs from a qualified plumber.

  • Excess Noise

Hard water can create sediment, which settles at the bottom of the tank and clogs the system. This system obstruction reduces the water heater’s efficiency and increases wear and tear on the tank. You can measure the corrosion levels by draining the tank and checking the zinc anode bar. If half of the bar is missing, it needs to be replaced. If the noise persists, then the issue is most likely that the heating element needs repairs.

  • Leaking

Leaks and puddles around the tank indicate damage to the system. Check all the fittings for damage to sealants or loose parts, and replace them as necessary. If the fittings are dry and undamaged, the tank is corroded and needs replacement.

  • Pressure Relief Valve Malfunction

Water does not compress like many other gases or liquids; it expands as it is heated, creating pressure inside the tank. The pressure relief valves release the tension and prevent the tank from causing a potentially deadly explosion.

You can check to see if the valve is working correctly by gently manually opening and closing the valve to empty up to two cups of water. If it continues to drip water after you open it, the valve needs replacing. If no water comes out, switch off the heater, and call the experts at Langara Mechanical for an emergency repair.

Call Langara Mechanical for Your Water Heater Installation and Repairs

If you need a water heater for a new building or are considering replacing or repairing an older model, call Langara Mechanical on (604) 435-0073 for exceptional service in Burnaby and the surrounding areas.