Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting

Gas is an increasingly popular fuel source. Electricity can be expensive, and solar power is unpredictable, but gas is readily available and reliable. However, gas is combustible and can be dangerous, and it’s essential to work with a reliable and trusted gas fitter for a safe and cost-effective installation.

Langara Mechanical offers trustworthy and reliable gas fitting services for the Burnaby area. Our qualified and experienced technicians can handle any type of natural or propane gas fitting job, whether you need installation, retrofitting or maintenance.

Safety First

Even a small gas leak could have disastrous consequences. Gas in the air can be poisonous, and in an enclosed space, it could make people feel sick very quickly. Because gas is invisible, it can prove fatal if someone inhales too much without knowing there was a leak.

Gas is also flammable, and a lit match or an unintentional spark can quickly cause a fire or even an explosion. If the gas leak is severe, the damage could reach neighbouring buildings and risk lives.

A qualified gas fitter examines the entire system, replacing damaged or worn pipes, and ensuring all valves are functioning optimally. A technician can identify signs of corrosion and leaks in the pipework, fixing the problem before it becomes a risk to life or property.

At Langara Mechanical, our certified gas fitters are fully insured, licensed and bonded, experienced with various gas systems for your safety and peace of mind.

System Maintenance

Keeping your system in excellent working order ensures it operates efficiently. While gas is an inexpensive source of power, a malfunctioning system can cause costs to soar.

A professional gas fitter has the tools and inspection devices to identify system faults or weaknesses. At Langara Mechanical, we work with you, become familiar with your system, and advise you of any potential issues immediately.

Provide a Complete Service

A qualified, professional gas fitter can turn off the supply if there is a risk of danger to life or property, source replacement parts, and install essential devices. While you need a certified gas fitter to carry out the work, a professional can explain help you to learn more about your gas system.

You should always expect high-standards, and at Langara Mechanical, we clean up after ourselves, leaving no mess behind.

professional gas fitter

Range of Services

A certified gas fitter can carry out a multitude of tasks related to your gas supply. At Langara Mechanical, we install gas pipes and appliances, test them to ensure their quality, offer regular maintenance agreements work to keep them in good condition.

Studying and understanding building plans is essential when working with gas, and our experienced staff can advise on the best installation plan for your gas pipework.

Because a gas leak can be dangerous, we offer 24-hour emergency service, helping to secure any leaks before they can cause harm.

At Langara Mechanical, our professionals are trained and qualified to carry out various gas fitting and plumbing services like water heater and boiler maintenance, meaning you only have to deal with one person, rather than having different tradespeople in your home. Because our staff becomes familiar with your entire heating system, they can resolve issues quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Contact Us

If you have a new home, business, or gas-operated appliance, Langara Mechanical can help with your gas fitting needs. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency repairs or maintenance for your gas system. Contact our experienced technicians at (604) 435-0073 to book an inspection or maintenance.