If you own a commercial building or are a building manager, you understand the importance of the obligation to keep tenants spaces running properly and temperatures comfortable.

Let Langara Mechanical's experienced and knowledgeable staff resolve your issues for you.

Our staff is dispatched, electronically according to the nearest technician with the correct skillset for your building issue.

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Let Langara Mechanical's experienced and knowledgeable staff provide the expertise and maintenance you need, and be ready to resolve any issues you face, as they arise.


Heat Pumps

Boiler Replacements

Radiant Floor Heating

Steamed Conversion

Chilled Water Piping


Plumbing Repair

Water Heater Replacement

Backflow Testing

Bathroom & Kitchen Reno


It's easy to enjoy the hot days of summer and not think about your furnace. At Langara Mechanical we find the sumer is the best time to service or repair your furnace. If you would like to Book an Appointment, please complete the form below or give us a call.

We sell:

  • Napolean 95% 96% 97% - with "ECM Motors"
  • Reem Rudd 95% minimum
  • Brand furnaces

Regular furnace maintenance, check ups and cleaning will extend the furnaces lifespan. Reduce electrical bills and make your furnace last longer.

This message is intended to clarify the new requirements for residential gas furnaces. The federal government has set the new minimum standard for gas furnaces at 95% AFUE. Effective December 12, 2019, any product with a date of manufacture after July 3, 2019, must meet the 95% AFUE level.