I grew up the son of an assistant lighthouse keeper on Langara Island. The area is more commonly known as Haida Gwai now. My mother, Mary, was very young with three children. My father was a very talented craftsman. Unfortunately, he was very abusive to my mother.

We moved to Vancouver in the 70’s. My father decided to look for fast money and ended up getting into a bogus kidnapping scheme. It was with a failing real estate woman trying to extort her husband. My father was literally charged and incarcerated for 13 years of my childhood. I remember the police coming to the house and my father defending himself in supreme court. It was awful. My mom divorced him while he was in jail. My first name was Edward but from that day my mom called me Scott, my middle name.

Some years later my mother met Lloyd Wallman, my stepfather. He was a plumber gas fitter.

I graduated in 1983, along the way working with Lloyd, my stepfather, in the plumbing trade, from the age of 10. I received my plumbing/gas ticket in 1992.

I have worked for a few great companies, then started Langara Mechanical in 2011, named after Langara Island. I love what I do. It brings me great pride, using my skills to help customers.

I now create certainty where I had none. That benefits my customers and brings me happiness.

Scott Redlac